Inspired by a desire to better live by our value of “networking through the generations,” in May 2020 we introduced Blackburn Connect. The adoption of this online networking platform marked the culmination of a lengthy effort to find a secure, robust, user-friendly, and cost-effective service that would fulfill our community’s needs.

Our decision depended heavily on input from Blackburn Fellows who made clear that connecting with community members in their profession and/or local area was a priority. Additionally, UA administrators vetted data handling procedures to ensure that they met high security and privacy standards.

We chose to build our digital community with Wisr because, as a startup company focusing on student and alumni engagement, they had the ability to tailor a platform to the Blackburn Institute’s unique needs while keeping costs low.

We are thrilled about Blackburn Connect for many reasons.

  • The onboarding process is quick and can be connected to LinkedIn, with questions that enable the platform to suggest connections between members.
  • Members can update their own profiles and customize privacy settings for each attribute.
  • The Membership Database enables users to find one another by name, major, job, location, Blackburn class, or volunteer goal.
  • Emailing and call scheduling between members is conducted right through the platform.
  • Site administrators can suggest and follow relationships between users, which will streamline the oversight of mentoring in the future.
  • Communities on Blackburn Connect function as discussion boards where users can post questions, links to articles, video, and files.
  • Email digests keep community members from missing conversation and events, and users can modify the frequency of these notifications.

Join this thriving network and easily network through the generations. Use Blackburn Connect to enrich your own work, give back to the Institute, and team up with others to answer the call to action.

Advisory Board Member Testimonial

Photo of Pat Reynolds

After engaging with members of the Blackburn community the last two months on Blackburn Connect, I would like to express my gratitude for the platform, our Blackburn team, and everyone who contributed to helping make this happen. Blackburn Connect has allowed me to reach out to several community members that are currently engaged in projects that I wanted to gain knowledge and skills in. This resource will have a positive impact on our community for years to come. Just as so many have already assisted me over Blackburn Connect, please let me know how I can assist you at any time.


Pat Reynolds

2018 Blackburn Fellow, 2019-2021 Advisory Board Member

Fellow Testimonial

Photo of Callie Cochran

I wanted to reach out to say a quick thank you to…Blackburn leaders for instituting the Blackburn Connect resource. This is incredible! I cannot wait to fill out my profile and get networking. In my first year of law school, I have not been as involved with Fellow’s opportunities as I want to be moving forward. Adjusting to the pace of law school and maintaining other commitments has been an interesting and fun challenge. After completing my first year and moving into the job market with summer internships, I am more thankful than ever for the Blackburn community. I look forward to using this resource to contribute in the future. I so appreciate this amazing opportunity!

Callie Cochran

2019 Blackburn Fellow

Student Testimonial

Photo of Tana Early

Blackburn Connect is an amazing initiative on the Blackburn staff’s behalf. I’m so glad they’ve begun this program, especially now that it is so difficult to network in person. Exchanging thoughts and ideas with fellow Blackburn enthusiasts is such an incredible opportunity for all in the Blackburn family, and I’ve had great fun in connecting with people on the platform. Many thanks to the staff for pulling this program together, I can’t wait to see it help us change the damn state!

Tana Early

2019 Student Class