2018 Daniel Community Scholars Proposals

Poster Presentations

Monday, November 12, 5:00-7:00pm
Ferguson Student Center Great Hall

Reception with light refreshments
Business casual attire requested

Written Proposals

Group 1: Roll! Tide! Roll!

In order to increase the awareness about recycling options in Tuscaloosa, the group will create pamphlets to distribute to apartment complex centers and off campus housing where recycling options are limited to advertise recycling opportunities in the city.

Group 2: The Pathways Project

Recognizing the challenges for students transitioning from high school to higher education and career opportunities, the group will work with A+ Education Partnership, West Alabama Works, and The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama to help students understand the various opportunities available to them in Alabama after high school.

Group 4: No Child Left Unkind

Proposing to continue the project implemented by last year’s class in which a children’s comic book was created to address mental illness in adolescents, the group will organize volunteers to present the book to children in partnership with Tuscaloosa Mental Health Alliance (TMHA), Indian Rivers Mental Health Center (IRMHC), and Tuscaloosa City Schools (TCS).

Group 5: One Bag, One Alabamian

In order to improve access to healthcare for women and children in Tuscaloosa County, the group will partner with West Alabama Food Bank (WAFB) to distribute bags containing healthcare products and information to rural areas.

Group 6: West Alabama Ready to Work Initiative

Recognizing the need to address career readiness in West Alabama high schools, the group proposes to work with Onin group to develop lesson plans for their Ready to Work courses to provide students with the skills and technical knowledge necessary to begin the pathway towards their career.

Group 7: M.A.P. (Mentoring and Academic Program)

In order to reduce illiteracy and recidivism rates among at-risk youth, the group will create a mentoring and academic program in which volunteers will help students at the Tuscaloosa Juvenile Detention Center with coursework and serve as mentors for them.

Group 8: Civic Engagement Program

Proposes to combat voter disenfranchisement through a workshop series and Civic Engagement Program Guide designed to reach unengaged or disadvantaged voters and equip them with important information on voting, representation, organizing and more.

Group 9: Art Inside the Box

In order to promote social justice through the arts, the group proposes to expand arts education access to local students by providing teachers with the supplies and curriculum for specific art projects, allowing a structured focus on particular topics in art.