The total goal for the Blackburn Institute Legacy Endowment Campaign is $2.1M to support the
growth of both student programs and Fellow engagement for the state of Alabama. Fully half of
this goal is dedicated to the creation of a Statewide Action and Fellows Support Fund, ensuring
the financial and human resources necessary for the next phase of our growth. With 24 years of
success as a student leadership development and civic engagement program, a dedicated network
of alumni (Fellows) now exists, ready to take action in communities throughout the state.


This campaign is a combination of fundraising priorities to build long-term capacity for
coordinated state-wide activities by Fellows, expand our immersive student programming
opportunities, support the growth of our new student class size, and improve the campus reach
of existing programming. Fully half of this goal is dedicated to the newly created Statewide
Action and Fellows Support Fund, which will provide funding for a dedicated staff member for
the Fellows Involvement Network to enhance Fellows programming and activities and regional
networking events.

Throughout the history of the Institute, taking thoughtful and strategic action has been at the
core of our work. The curriculum incorporates learning outcomes associated with identifying
and researching community problems, working with community partners, building budgets, and
implementing civic engagement projects. Combined with the Institute’s core value of facilitating
a diversity of opinion, these skills facilitate students’ transitions to their roles as Blackburn
Fellows. They leave The University of Alabama prepared to engage in the work of community
discussion and to make systemic change for the betterment of Alabama.


Fund Goal
Statewide Action and Fellows Support Fund $1,225,000.00
Protective Life Government Experience $150,000.00
Burt Jones Rural Community Experience $300,000.00
D. Ray Pate New Student Retreat Fund $35,000.00
Spring Networking Dinner Fund $250,000.00
Blackburn Support Fund $130,000.00
Don and Bobbie Siegal Scholarship Fund $10,000.00


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