2019 Daniel Community Scholars Proposals

Poster Presentations

Monday, November 18, 5:00-6:30pm
Ferguson Student Center Great Hall

Reception with light refreshments
Business casual attire requested

Written Proposals

Group 1: Foster Care Informational Summit & Roundtable

In order to address the shortage of foster families in Tuscaloosa County, the group will hold an informational summit to begin the certification process and explore the possibility of developing an expedited certification program similar to Mississippi. DCS Team 1 – Poster

Group 2: University of Alabama Cannabis Policy Reform

Recognizing the impact of marijuana sentencing on University of Alabama students in Tuscaloosa, the group is working with the Southern Poverty Law Center reform the university’s policies and sanctions for minor marijuana violations on campus. DCS Team 2 – Poster

Group 3: Tuscaloosa Collegiate Mental Wellness Initiative

In an effort to improve the accessibility and affordability of mental health services for college students, the group will install kiosks to provide online mental health screenings and risk assessments at Stillman College and Shelton State Community College campuses. DCS Team 3 – Poster

Group 4: Alabama Prison Crisis

To highlight the Alabama prison crisis, the group will produce a 15-20 minute short film featuring the stories of the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and those close to the incarcerated to bring their stories into the local discussion. DCS Team 4 – Poster

Group 5: Advocating for the Future of ELL Students in the State of Alabama

In order to improve English fluency among English Language Learners (ELL) students in the Tuscaloosa area, the group will partner with Teaching English as a second or foreign language to develop an online professional development course for local teachers. DCS Team 5 – Poster

Group 6: SPARRK-12: Sexual Protection And Robust Relationships K-12

Recognizing the limitations of K-12 sexual education in Alabama, the group proposes to develop a more comprehensive sexual health education curriculum that conforms to current state law and provide professional development for local teachers. DCS Team 6 – Poster

Group 7: Central High Takes Center Spotlight

In order to improve access to creative technologies in K-12 schools, the group will create a mentoring and academic in which UA professors from Journalism and Creative Media coach Central High School students in IB the film program to produce a microfilm. DCS Team 7 – Poster

Group 8: Brushing to the Beat of My Heart

Proposes to combat lack of access to healthcare in rural areas through the production by distributing dental care kits and a book produced to educate and empower elementary school students in West Alabama about their dental health.  DCS Team 8 – Poster

Group 9: Workforce & Economic Development

In order to address transportation barriers to economic and workforce development, the group proposes to advocate for the Tuscaloosa County Commission to apply for a federal grant for rural public transit from the Federal Transit Administration. DCS Team 9 – Poster

Group 10: Alabama Against Sex Trafficking by Digital Means

Proposes to combat sex trafficking in Alabama by digital means through a public awareness campaign, and hosting a workshop in partnership with the Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force. DCS Team 10 – Poster