Honorary distinction in The Blackburn Society is conferred in recognition of outstanding contributions to leadership in service to the mission and purpose of the Blackburn Institute. Service may be to the state of Alabama, the United States, The University of Alabama, or the Blackburn Institute itself. Individual selected for The Blackburn Society are from among nominations approved by the Executive Committee of the Advisory Board, the Division of Student Affairs, and The University of Alabama. Individuals in The Blackburn Society are invited to participate in Blackburn Institute events and attend meetings of the Advisory Board, but they are neither required to contribute financially to the institute nor eligible to vote on institute affairs.

Members of The Blackburn Society

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Mr. Bill Baxley

Gloria Blackburn

Mrs. Gloria Blackburn


Cheree Causey

Dr. Cheree Causey

Dr. Kathleen Cramer

Bradley Davidson

Mr. Bradley Davidson

David Donaldson

Mr. David Donaldson

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Mr. David Ellwanger

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Mr. Jim Hayes


Michael House

Mr. Michael House

Dr. Sandral Hullett

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Mrs. Ann Jones

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Dr. Harry Knopke

Mr. Gordon Martin

F. David Mathews

Dr. F. David Mathews

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Dr. Gaylon McCollough

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Mrs. Susan McCollough

Marjorie Kay Nix

Mrs. Marjorie Kay Nix

William O’Connor

Mr. William O’Connor

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Mr. Donald Ray Pate, Jr.

Carol Patterson

Mrs. Carol Patterson

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Mr. Donald Patterson


Tom Patterson

Mr. Tom Patterson

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Mrs. Beverly Phifer

Holly Piper

Mrs. Holly Piper

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Dr. Malcolm Portera

Julia Smeds Roth

Mrs. Julia Smeds Roth

John D. Saxon

Mr. John D. Saxon

Bobbie Siegal

Mrs. Bobbie Siegal

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Mr. Don Siegal


Donald Stewart

Mr. Donald Stewart

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Mrs. Connie Stockham

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Mr. Leonard Stolar

Louise Thibodaux

Dr. Louise Thibodaux

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Mr. Edgar Welden