Through The Senator Howell Heflin Fellows Endowed Support Fund, the Blackburn Institute funds Fellows’ projects to address the needs of Alabama communities. Starting in 2022, we intend to fund at least one community project  with a total award of $2,500 each year.

Priority of consideration shall be given to activities that impact literacy, both youth and adult, and voter education initiatives consistent with the vision, mission and values of the Blackburn Institute. Awardees will be named “Howell Heflin Fellows.”

Selection of Howell Heflin Fellows will be based on project proposals reviewed by Blackburn Institute staff, Advisory Board members and Fellows. Project proposals shall outline the community issue to be addressed, its historical context, community partners to be involved and the means of addressing the issue. Upon completion of the projects, Howell Heflin Fellows shall document their work and project outcomes.

The scope of eligible projects is deliberately broad to allow for a wide range of civic engagement activities, such as direct service, community-based research, public policy, political engagement, social entrepreneurship, activism or advocacy, or philanthropic giving or fundraising. For the purposes of this award, political engagement must be non-partisan. Fellows must be primary leaders and organizers of projects, but the activities may be personal projects or those done in collaboration with employers, faith communities, civic organizations or other entities.

To learn more about submitting a project for consideration, download the Howell Heflin Fellows Proposal Guidelines. The proposal application process opens at the Spring Networking Dinner, and the grant is awarded at Annual Symposium.