The main objective of this program is to assist recent graduates or other Fellows that are moving to a new location. This is accomplished through matching Fellows with other Fellows already living in the area to establish communication and a support network. Mentors and mentees are free to develop their relationship as they see fit, tailoring it to their availability, communication styles, and unique transitional needs (e.g. identifying housing options, finding civic involvement opportunities, and exploring faith or worship options). Matches for this program span the entire Fellows network, regardless of graduation year, because it focuses on locational knowlege, rather than professional development and advice.

Graduating students are introduced to the Soft Landings Program in the spring semester each year and are supported throughout their first year after graduation, should their plans change during that time period. Other Fellows may access the program at any time, simply by reaching out to the Internal Vice-Chairperson of the Fellows Involvement Network (FIN).