Don and Bobbie Siegal
Don and Bobbie Siegal

The Don and Barbara “Bobbie” Siegal Scholarship was created in honor of Dr. John L. Blackburn and Dr. Robert E. Witt and in memory of Dr. James Hood and Vivian Malone-Jones. It is awarded annually to a Blackburn student who has demonstrated an interest in and a concern for the promotion of cultural understanding while maintaining an active participation in the Blackburn Institute and showing a devotion to the Institute’s purpose. Applications are reviewed and recipients are selected by a committee of Advisory Board members and Blackburn Institute staff.


Completed applications for the scholarship must be submitted via Qualtrics using the link sent in the summer student newsletter to be considered by the selection committee.


The scholarship recipient is named at the Annual Symposium and the $2,750 scholarship will be credited to the student’s account in October.

  • 2009 Recipient – Karis Browder
  • 2010 Recipient – Andres Peña
  • 2011 Recipient – Hannah Hicks
  • 2012 Recipient – Carolyn Bero
  • 2013 Recipient – Marlan Golden
  • 2014 Recipient – Leigh Terry
  • 2015 Recipient – Amanda Bennett
  • 2016 Recipient – Ibukun Afon
  • 2017 Recipient – Dwyer Freeman
  • 2018 Recipient – Amber Scales
  • 2019 Recipient – Arianna Kellum
  • 2020 Recipient – Bhavana Ravala
  • 2021 Recipient – Trinity Hunter
  • 2022 Recipient – Kaila Pouncy